Surprisingly, Russian girls are not so easy to pick up

I’ve been to Russia several times and women there charmed me with their beauty. However, I discovered that they don’t like to get acquainted in the street – when I tried to approach some girls, they looked rather uncertain about how to act. I asked some of my friends and they told me that Slavic girls tend to make romantic acquaintances with those who they already know via their friends or online, just like females all over the globe toady. And when you meet them online, there is a lot of things to do to impress them. If you want to know more, I suggest you checking out recommendations here

Improving my skills

Such websites as contactbrides are great for online dating newbies like me. Its blog has dozens of precious info on how to date Slavic girls and a huge database of profiles to try all the tips you learned. Since I began spending more time on improving my communication skills, my achievement list became 17 girls longer. I think it’s time to try my knowledge in real life.